White Luxury Comforter

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White Luxury Comforter is a Soft Flat, Fluffy Blanket - 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Top selling Quality Comforters are made of the highest quality fabric. Made from 100% Cotton that you can see and feel. Its also easy to care for. Usable for Four Seasons. Unlike a duvet, the comforters only forms one piece all of your bed linens that is used to keep you warm. This comforters are manufactured not only to keep you warm but to look your bedroom beautiful as much as you want so, those who want a layered look, might prefer this.


Inner Filling: Fabric:100%Cotton

Size and Weigh

Summer 150X200cm(59x79inches) 1500g

Summer 150X200cm(59x79inches) 2000g

Summer 180X220cm (71x87inches) 2000g

Summer 200X230cm (79x91inches) 2000g

Summer 220X240cm (87x95inches) 2000g

Winter 150X200cm(59x79inches) 3000g

Winter 180X220cm (71x87inches) 3000g

Winter 180X220cm (71x87inches) 3500g

 Winter 200X230cm (79x91inches) 3000g

Winter 200X230cm (79x91inches) 4000g

Winter 220X240cm (87x95inches) 3000g

Winter 220X240cm (87x95inches) 4000g

Winter 229X229cm (90x90inches) 3000g

Winter 229X229cm (90x90inches) 4000g

Winter 229X229cm (90x90inches) 5000g

Winter 229X264cm (90x104inches) 3000g

Winter 229X264cm (90x104inches) 4000g

Winter 229X264cm (90x104inches) 5000g




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