Silicone Baby Doll

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Ideal toy to capture your baby’s attention!



She has beautiful hand painted details, hand applied eyelashes, shining eyes, and rosy cheeks. The warm and humid lips look natural and soft that you cannot help kissing her. These details make this baby doll extremely like a real baby.


This doll's cloth is very soft to touch. The limbs are made of soft vinyl. The wrinkle on the skin gives the doll an extraordinary look and makes it like a real baby. Its limbs can move towards and backward. You can make any posture you want.



Head: The head simulates a real baby, very cute.

Hair: Hair is pasted on the head like a real baby's hair, mohair, handmade, implantable, high fidelity, washable; available comb; Hair can be styled to any shape and can be washed.

Different hairstyles available now: if you don't leave a message, we will send hairstyle as the main picture, NO.1 hair style, brown curly short hair.   
if you want to change hairstyle, just leave a message, hairstyle No. 
​NO.2 is very long brown straight hair, you can also put the hair down without a braid。
No.3 is straight blonde hair
No.4 is blonde curly hair
No.5 is short straight brown hair  
detailed hairstyle picture as below



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