Reusable Magic Water Painting Book

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 Use a rainbow of colors to bring your favorite characters to life!


All of your favorite dolls and babies can become pieces of artwork. The color will appear  and disappear like magic, with just water and a paintbrush. Create your very own pieces of art to display wherever you like.



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Children are fond of scribbling, doodling all over the walls which are not easy to clean. 
Now, with the magic water painting book, your kids can paint freely and no more worries about cleaning the wall. 
Magic water painting book is not only a toy, but also a bridge to promote the parent-child relationship. 
Parents can take their children to paint, read, write, read pictures, and at the same time promote your kids'active cognition, train your kids' keen observation ability, inspire your kids' rich imagination and accumulate your kids'active creativity.

1. This product adopts high-tech non-toxic, non-polluting, having green environmental protection material. 
2. The painting will 
naturally disappear as soon as it dries up, and can recycled to use. 

3. There is water in the pen, do not spoil clothes and rooms! The back of the drawing board is waterproof and won't wet the floor.

Methods of use: 
1. Fill the pen with clear water or soak the pen tip in the water to make the pen automatically absorb water, then your kids can draw on the drawing board at will(When the pen is used for the first time, twist the pen head out and soak in warm water for 30 minutes, so that the pen can be fully moist and swell, and reload tap water) 
2. The painting handwriting appears immediately when you draw; 
3. The handwriting will disappears with the water mark evaporate, and the canvas returns to its original form, so that the child can continue to create. (Note: The speed of water trace drying depends on the degree of environmental dryness. In summer, it is usually about 5-10 minutes. In winter, because of the great difference in indoor temperature, it is not very easy to determine. In some places, the water quality is yellowed. It is possible to leave a mark on the edge of the part of the painting but do not affect the use. If the mark is too much, washing it with 
just clear water will be OK!) 

4.When the drawing board is stored, please make sure to dry the water of the pen. 

1 X Water Painting Book 
1 X Water Painting Pen 




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