Metal Yoyo with Gloves and Strings

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Bearing with 10 balls. Many yoyos just have 8 balls. Its right size and weight make it super-fast. It develops children hands-on ability and imagination. It’s the best gift for children. Children will definitely love it. It needs more skill to make it stay stable. Some beginners cannot control it well. We suggest beginners choose other yoyos in our store. 

1. USA Brand, very high quality
2. Bearing: kk bearing With 10 balls. (many yoyo just have 8 balls)
3. Right size and weight makes yoyo good feel of hand 
4. Beboo yoyo develope Children Hands-on ability and imagination. Its best gift for children.
Item Size:

Material:  Metal 

Package contains : 1pcs yo-yo +5pcs ropes + 1pcs glove + 1pcs yoyo bag
1.  N12 play with side Axis, It needs more skill to stay stable. some beginners can not control well, we suggest beginners to choose other yoyos in our store.
2.  The white side Axis can revolve.

Package contains : 1pcs yo-yo +5pcs ropes + 1pcs glove + 1pcs yoyo bag



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