Kids Foldable Tents

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Made from superior and safe material, it is durable for long time use. Easily pops open and attaches to all twin beds even bunk beds. Suitable for ages from 3 years and up. Turn your child's bed into a magical dream world with the dream tent's space adventure. Fun tents give your child their own private world at night. Your kids can have their own private magical reading book.

Finding something intriguing for the kids can often be a challenge. They may see a new toy on TV that they must have, but after a while, the novelty wears off. The Dream Tent is a small portable tent that pops up and fits right onto their bed. It is meant to create their own private exciting space. The design of the Tents is really quite simple and it only covers the upper portion of the young one's body or actually the pillow area. So, the kids still get the feeling that they are sleeping in a tent but it is not restricting their movement throughout the night. It helps to get the kids settled down for the sleep mode, and also helps those youngsters who are afraid of the dark by giving them a secure space to sleep in.

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