Electric Dinosaur Toy

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The perfect companion for epic adventures!



Electric Dinosaur is made with ABS plastic and it is smooth and burr-free, making it slide more smoothly. It is made up of the original environmental friendly materials. The anti-drop and anti-collision properties make it a perfect gift for your kids. It helps promote thinking abilities in kids. It may be hard for anyone to stop pressing it once he began to play with it; so great for refreshing your mind. It may help you boost blood circulation of hands. It helps developsensory, problem-solving and fine motor skills. It's affordable!


White spray electric dinosaur mechanical pterosaurs dinosaur world toy with 3pcs small dinosaur model 

product manual: 
High speed: 0.5 m / sec 
Certification: 3C 
Status of the conference: ready to use 
3C: Certificate 
Power: Electric 
Age range: > 1.5 years old 
Charging voltage: 110-220V 
Design: Dinosaur 
Color: white intelligent robot 
Animal: Electronic Dinosaur Pet 

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