Educational Play Center

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Every baby has a nature of exploration. They would be more interested in the toys having sounds and movement. The happy small world has a lovely design and a variety of educational games. Can develop a baby's intelligence.

Hammer Ball Game, Driving Game, and Fruit can be pulled out. 

Turn the key to start auto-engine sound. Press the horn to make sounds. Turn the steering wheel and auto will move along. 

Spinning Gear Game: Spinning the gear will make music and activate the water world in it. These magical ocean creatures content baby's curiosity. 

Press the music key and it will play sweet music. Press the switch key and it will change the music. 

Scene Changing Game: Press the door bell to change different scenes. 

Baby can talk to different toys by phone. 

Flap Drum Game:  Flap to make funny sounds and vivid light.

Ball Trail Game: Learn the numbers and colors. 

The interesting Mirror and Microphone: Open the microphone, a lovely picture will appear in the mirror. Hi Baby! Let's sing together! ''Twinkle Twinkle Little Star! How I wonder what you are!'' 

A child will find something new to be entertained. The toy has a bead set that helps to tune a child’s fine motor skills and a huge white button that can be hit with a  hammer causing it to light up. The hammer can also be used to play a tiny pinball game that is provided on one of the sides of the toy. On another side, there is a little doorbell that can play different friendly tunes that can be used to pleasantly wake a child. There is also a pretend phone a child can use to talk to some friends. A child will find a steering wheel that comes with buttons and sounds that imitate a car to provide practice for your little speed racer. There is a microphone that child can use to speak in and sing along to other amusing songs. This toy increase a child hand-eye coordination, hearing development, and fine motor skills in a fun interactive manner!



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