Cute Elephant Duck Shower

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Bath time and water play fun with Elephant Duck! Bath time has never been so much fun for baby!

 The material is safe and non-toxic and has no odor. Lovely designs make babies fall in love with baths. The kettle is very convenient to use by the parents to wash the heads of their babies. The child does not weep during bath. Rather he enjoys it!


Elephant Style Color: Random Send

 Elephant Style Size:14.5*9cm

 Watering Pot Size: 8.5cm*8cm
 Duck Style Size:12cm*7cm*9.5cm
 *The material it uses is safe and nontoxic and has no odor.
 *Lovely designs make babies fall in love with baths
 *The kettle is very convenient for the parents to wash their heads for their babies
Packaged included: 1  x  Bath Toys


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