About Us

We welcome you to the best site for Kids based in Canberra Australia (Australian Registered Business/ABN: 32 494 772 609). We sell premium quality bedding items, toys and kids accessories. Our address is 51- Weddin Circuit, Palmerston, Canberra. 

Love with a new life compelled us to make cheer those little stars. We have a mission to provide quality products online at cheaper rates. We value our respected customers. The idea was conceived in Sydney Australia in 2017 and did homework for months and years. With years of providing quality bedding items for kids, we started working on his project. We officially started it by the start of 2019. Started as a small company, but now have multiple warehouses. We promise respected parents and kids the best customer care. The majority of customers are from all over Australia with some based in other countries. We believe in providing products which produce a spark of creativity and enhance the mental growth of your child to provide reasoning. We have recently included a psychiatrist and pediatrician in our team which is guiding us about child psychology and the impact of toys and sports on it to enable us to design more educational products. These enable your child to stay happy all the time.

Now we have launched a campaign on social media.   We provide gifts and promotions for the kids and parents who subscribe to our newsletter. Subscribe it now.




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